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Grampa Rene Rangel lived the American Dream and is proof that with faith and God’s grace anything is possible. He was born on September 10, 1941 in Districto Bravo, Chihuahua Mexico. A few years later moved to Ysleta, Texas where he attended Jefferson High School and served as an alter boy at Mount Carmel Church. Grampa Rene began working at Aaronson Brother’s stores where he met his future wife Jessie in 1963. After a few years of dating they decided to elope in California because of the warmer weather. They came to Santa Ana, Ca. in 1968 to start a new life together with $200 in his pocket. They arrived on a Wednesday in February and by Thursday both had new jobs. Grampa Rene and Gramma Jessie were the epitome of hard and honest work. They had their first and only child, Rene Jr. in October 1968. Together Rene and Jessie raised their son and over the years the family grew into now, their son Rene Jr. and daughter-in-law Maria, their two granddaughters Karla and Jessica, and great grandson Christian. The nickname “Grampa” was given to him by the friends of Karla and Jessica because they treated each kid as their own family. Grampa was passionate about many things such as food, cars, and fishing; But Boxing was his everything. He had always dreamt of opening a boxing gym to help his community and provide a safe place for troubled youth. In February of 2011 his dream turned reality with the support of family and friends. The team prides themselves on good sportsmanship and respect for all. Grampa Rene always greeted everyone with a warm smile and firm handshake.. “Echale ganas, campeon, this is your house” he would say as you entered the gym. In May of 2016 Grampa Rene passed away but his legacy remains. Grampas Boxing Gym is ran by his granddaughter Jessica Rene, wife Jessie and daughter-in-law Maria. Not only is Grampas Boxing Gym the biggest gym in So-Cal but stands out amongst others for being ran by all females in what seems to be commonly known as a “man’s sport”. We will continue to work towards achieving Grampa Rene’s goal of making a World Champion fighter and winning lives off the streets.